Nemexia - The ultimate space strategy game

Compete with thousands other players in real time battles. Power up your Admiral and unleash the abilities of your Commander ships.

Latest news

A new round has started in Universe 1 on 2014-11-19 with speed x10.
A new round has started in Universe 3 on 2014-11-12 with speed x5.
A new round has started in Universe 2 on 2014-11-12 with speed x3.
The Evolution is over. You've survived the Apocalypse and you've received your Redemption. A new chapter in the story of Nemexia is yet to be written. [read more]
Do you believe in ghosts? Well, we certainly do. Don't miss the opportunity to get unique rewards in our upcoming special event, starting on 20th of October.
A new round has started in Universe 1 on 2014-10-14 with speed x10.
New game update is going to be released on 2014-10-13. Max exchange value of each resource offer will be increased five times. Contracts drop chance will be increased four times and Contracts purchase price will be decreased three times. Along with these changes we will add general battle priority for all units, which will be activated if your priority target is missing or already dead.